Workout: This Is What Professionals Do

If you cannot develop your legs with leg exercises, do not just blame the genetics. She has a good back but she does not explain everything. Be more attentive to your full body workout training because something could be wrong.

Every bodybuilding practitioner knows that it is impossible to skip the training of the legs. Moreover, it is so anchored in the manners of the sports halls, that it became an unavoidable rule.

Some guys can spend hours and hours doing squats or deadlift without seeing any muscle gain. And for these guys, seeing that all their efforts are reduced to zero can be as confusing as exasperating.

So, if you do not want to be in the same situation as them, read the following tips. You should be able to finally transform your slender legs.

1 – You always reproduce the same exercises

Bringing change, consistent and consistent, is essential to continue to progress and gain muscle. The longer a person has been training, the more frequently they need to change things. One essential thing to remember is that the term “change” goes well beyond exercise selection.

To change things is not just to adopt another type of squats or to change the number of repetitions, it is also to vary the techniques and the rest periods.

Thus, this will make each workout unique and different from the previous one.

Booba’s legs

Booba has been much criticized for his legs, late compared to the bust.

By going from 1 to 3 sessions per week, he would gain in balance!

2 – You are not strong enough yet

You must have heard some people complain about their legs, “strong but not muscular”. But before using this excuse, one must first agree on what the term “leg strength” really means.

For me, legs are strong when they manage to carry 2 times your squat weight and 2.5 times the deadlift. If you already have this program and your legs are still lean, it’s just that you do not have good genetics. Nevertheless, I do not see so many people doing this kind of exercises with thin legs.

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